Special Baptism Service

A special Service of Baptism was held yesterday afternoon in the pool of one of our church members. We had some young people who wished to be baptized by immersion, rather than “sprinkled” at the font in the church. No problem! Presbyterians are good with either form, so we’ll accommodate that request all day long! (Hey, Jesus was probably dunked in the Jordan River, rather than sprinkled, so if it was good enough for Him…)

Truly, what a joy to see young people committed to Christ and eager to be baptized and make that public expression! It was also a joy to see their brothers and sisters in Christ – family and church family – around the pool to support and encourage them. It was a reverent, beautiful occasion and God gave us a beautiful day for it.

Afterward, everyone enjoyed homemade peach and vanilla ice cream!

It’s hard to imagine a better way for the Jefferson Presbyterian Church family to unofficially bring summer to a close.